IFA truck type W 50


IFA truck type W 50

In 1965 a production of this truck started in the German Democratic Republic (DDR) with the production of a new five-ton truck IFA W 50 S whose construction began in 1958, the first prototype 4 1/2 ton version came to light in 1961 and barely got the final version of the car in 1963 . But then it changed assignment, then came the government’s decision to increase the capacity in five tons and redesign had to be subsequently done on exactly same version as the deadline because it was needed to meet the speech of Walter Ulbricht. This was promised by him to the East German national economy in flaming words in 1965 that a completely new and extremely economical truck had to replace then made types IFA S-4, S-IFA 4000 and Sachsering S 4000.

The new logo for IFA truck was very sturdily constructed, at first glance, it differed from its predecessors cabin layout and although it was developed in factories Ernst Grube in Werdau, its new manufacturer factory became VEB IFA Automobilwerke Ludwigsfelde, a state enterprise, built literally “overnight “on a green meadow.

That kind of mandated the creation of a completely new factory was practically possible only because of the way the of planned economy, where the newly built company was both completely funded by the state and also had been pre-planned production program is one hundred percent guaranteed outlets, without any substantial competition in its sector.

IFA W50L Truck


Engine: in-line four-cylinder Diesel predkomurkový
Type: Nordhausen 4 VD 14,5 / 12 SRW
Power: 110 hp at 2,200 rev. / Min.

Since 1957: Diesel inline four-cylinder with direct injection (depending on the model MAN)
Type: Nordhausen 4 VD 14,5 / 12 SRW-1
Power: 125 hp at 2,300 rev. / Min.

Since 1973: Diesel inline four-cylinder with direct injection (depending on the model MAN)
Type: Nordhausen 4 VD 14,5 / 12 SRW-2
Power: 125 hp at 2,300 rev. / Min.

Drilling: Ø 120 mm
Stroke: 145 mm
Cylinder capacity: 6560 ccm
Max. torque: 422 Nm at 1,350 rev. / min.
Cooling: water, forced to pump and fan
Electrical Equipment: 12 Volt
Dynamo 12 V / 500 W
Fuel tank: 100 liters (side frame)

Clutch: multiplate, dry, mechanically operated
Transmission: 5-speed with reverse synchronization and second-rate 5.-
Additional gearbox with a reduction of only 4×4 versions

Frame: U of pressed steel stringers, bearers riveting
Front axle: rigid, forged
Suspension Front: longitudinal leaf springs, telescopic shock absorbers supplemented
Steering: Hydraulic power steering
Rear axle: rigid, drive, optional differential lock
Rear Suspension: longitudinal leaf spring
Operation: Hydraulic on all four wheels, reinforced by compressed air back limiter
Parking: mechanical on rear tires:
Motor: the principle of closing the exhaust pipe for the fuel cutoff

Wheels: Steel wheels with flat rim and a locking ring delenýmokrajem
Size of tires normal cars: 8.25 – 20
Size of tires 4×4 vehicles and farm variant: 9,00 – 16,00 or 20 – 20 ND (Niederdruck – low pressure)
Military versions of 4×4 tires to the inflation pressure of the driver’s cab

IFA W 50 Wheelbase: 3.200 mm
Wheelbase IFA W 50 L: 3.700 mm
Wheelbase IFA W 50 LA (4×4): 3.200 mm

Maximum speed:
IFA W 50: 90 km / h.
IFA W 50 L: 90 km / h.
IFA W 50 LA (4×4): 75 km / h.
IFA W 50 LA / Z (road tractor 4×4) 67 km / h.

Width: 2.500 mm
Length IFA W 50 flatbed: 6.530 mm
Length IFA W 50 L flatbed: 7.250 mm
Length IFA W 50 LA (4×4): 6.530 mm
The length of the road tractor W 50 L / Z: 3.510 mm
The length of the saddle tractor trailers W 50 L / S: 5.300 mm

Allowed trailer weight: 9.000 kg

The concept chassis five tons IFA W 50 was quite orthodox. It was a rectangular frame made of two pressed steel stringers, bearers, front-mounted inline Diesel engine and solid axle suspended on longitudinal leaf feathers.

The water-cooled four-cylinder engine with eddy chambers in the heads had type designation Nordhausen 4 VD 14,5 / 12 SRW and when the engine size 6,560 cc gave 110 hp at 2,200 rpm mode. / Min.
The engine had inserted wet liners, pistons and alloy valve OHV with valves controlled by rocker rods in the cylinder heads. The camshaft driven by spur gears with angled teeth, housed in the housing distribution in front of the engine. This engine was manufactured and assembled two years. After a company-wide holiday in 1967, it replaced the redesigned engine 4 VD 14,5 / 12-1 SRW similar design, but with direct injection and engine boosted to 125 hp (92 kW) at 2,300 revs. / Min. and finally in 1973 the car was given a third variation of the motor bearing 14,5 / 12-2 SRW, but where the power of 125 horses remained.

Was a five-speed gearbox, the gears have slanted teeth and also leader had all its speed synchronization.

The rear axle of the car IFA W 50 was a similar solution, as used by the company MAN. Custom “structural” bridge axles at the ends of the bearing hub, was formed pipes and hollow drive shafts (axles) connecting the terminals of the differential housing with wheel adapters, ran outside, for supporting the bridge.

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